Monday, January 25, 2010

With Apologies to Poe

the health care debate is making us weary
It's incessant drone is getting dreary
while the political hacks try and settle the score
the nation nodded it was nearly napping
suddenly there came a crapping
a smell as if a diaper was unwrapping
unwrapping on the chamber floor
tis merely a Republican we muttered
crapping on our chamber floor
only this and nothing more

ah distinctly now we remember
back in that bleakest of December
when each and every single member
took a crap upon the floor
eagerly we thought well tomorrow
vainly how we hid our sorrow
from our hopes we had to borrow
anything to help squelch the sorrow
for that rare and radiant beauty
whom the angels called before
Universal Health Care
Nameless now and forever more
Quoth the Senate Nevermore

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Psychiatry: the tendency to repeat mechanically words just spoken by another person: can occur in cases of brain damage, mental retardation, and schizophrenia

Yep, there is a word for that so next time you hear a tea bagger or an idiotic conservative republican speak you now know the clinical definition of their disorder. Feel free to use it in a sentence like:

"Hey buddy, I see you still suffer from echolalia why don't you go and rent some original thoughts."or "Your echolalia is really annoying plus you smell bad have you showered lately." or... Well you get my drift have fun and enjoy this most useful of words. I know I will.

the art of repetition
is how they get things done
the simple minded idiots
don't know when they are one

you can see them proudly
just turn on your TV
they are the moronic idiots
that live amongst you and me

they might be your neighbor
or the guy just down the street
they are simply just repeating
Rush Limbaugh's reddest meat

the problem with these people
what makes them who they are
is the lack of cogitation
they really lower the bar

Democrats have screwed the pooch

Obama is in a world of hurt the democrats have screwed the pooch and you have to wonder is this by design? Have the corporate powers taken over this completely, between Obama's failures and the recent SCOTUS ruling I see no hope for this country and I mean no hope. It is all down hill from here. I may have to dust off my copy of 1984 this shit seems Orwellian. We are sliding towards the abyss, and nothing can stop this rapid descent. This article is a must read and pretty much explains the current state of affairs in this country and the debacle that is the executive branch. I so want to think that Obama miscalculated that he will rise to the occasion become the champion for the little guy. There is not one shred of evidence to support this assertion in fact quite the contrary he has abandoned the very people who got him elected. This ship can not be steered we are rudderless and quickly approaching the shoals of benighted misfortune. Everyone better don a life vest we are gonna need it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

consequences most grave

once I was happy
now I am sad
this country is sinking
too fucking bad

corporations are people
how can that be
they are evil institutions
that rape all they see

where is the outrage
we went from bad to worse
an unholy alliance
this corporate curse

it is all ideological
straight down the line
half of these judges
were born with no spine

now thanks to Bush
this court will misbehave
with the end result
consequences most grave

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh so ripe

I have often wondered
why animals eat their young
but is this any different
than what the democrats have done

they just lost a lion
their greatest liberal figurehead
then they lose his Senate seat
this party is fucking dead

we may want to accuse Obama
certainly he will shoulder blame
what actually did just happen
is it the nature of the game

one thing that is a given
was the reaction on Wall Street
that pack of ravenous jackals
smelled profitable new red meat

this can't bode well for the future
what's the next thing down the pipe
this party's ready to be plundered
it's nice and juicy and oh so ripe

Feed the Beast

should we continue to feed the beast
it's always hungry ready to feast

it's always scrounging rooting around
constantly reaping then chowing down

it's imperial pretensions will never cease
running amok it has slipped it's leash

we are dangerous and frankly quite scary
no wonder the world is constantly wary

why are we fighting two wars at once
this is so stupid must we be such a dunce

you don't always win with the biggest stick
but we always fight wars to show off our dick

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

nightmarish dream

now there's a reason
why the dems are blue
the repukes are laughing
as they turn the screw

just one year later
the tide has turned
are we this helpless
just made to be burned

look it is simple
a choice to be made
lesser of evils
man we been played

where are we heading
what dark alley this
bend over and take it
without even a kiss

Obama is flailing
we're all going down
if you dispute this
you ain't been around

this is not a new story
we all know the theme
there's nowhere to hide
it's a nightmarish dream


you have got
to love Palin
all that cash
she's a balein

it simply proves
this country's ailin
if she's elected
we'd all be failin

can't you hear them
they are a wailin
all that love
for Sarah Palin

yes we try
you hear us railin
don't dear God
vote for Palin

they won't listen
the heights their scalin
and it's our coffin
they'll soon be nailin

Monday, January 18, 2010


let us take this day to ponder
and reflect upon what we see
the status of M.L. King's vision
the current state of inequality

we can say without reservation
that strides have certainly been made
but his dream is far from perfected
how long must this game be played

Jim Crow may be dead and buried
but his legacy still lives and is strong
it's notions of division and injustice
just keep right on rolling along

they say with the election of Obama
that we are now a Post-Racial Society
if that ain't a crock of horse shit
just another lie in the Land of the Free

I wonder what King would be thinking
is this the future for which he planned
or by now would he be disillusioned
and want to bury his head in the sand

that is just a rhetorical question
there was no giving up in this man
wherever he witnessed injustice
not away from but towards it he ran

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Horror The Horror

When you see a picture of this magnitude and then you hear or read about the things Rush Limbaugh is saying you realize one thing this world is fucking crazy. And in the back of my mind I keep hearing Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now saying over and over again "The Horror, The Horror".

pact with the devil

Sometimes you read something and you say damn I wish I wrote that, well this is one of things read and enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

I sent the following to Angelides bogus Commission and I recommend that everyone else do the same this is the link to write them a nasty gram express your self in anyway possible but we need to be heard.

simple simon met a pieman
shit where did my money go
said the pieman to simple simon
doesn't anybody know?

Come on! I can not understand the incompetence and absolute lack of integrity on behalf of this commission. Do you or don't you have subpoena power? Why not use it to your advantage grill these bastards over and over again. Cross question them get them to lie, which they will have to do, this conspiracy is way too vast to keep hidden. Does this commission have any teeth? I knew you could not nor maybe you shouldn't be Pecora, but based on what I saw today why are you wasting your time and ours? It is a pathetic, shameful, travesty an utter mockery of justice and an outright abdication of your authority. I certainly hope you ramp it up, hey why not pick people at random off the street to question these guys you might even find someone with a set of balls. I knew when Pelosi said she was going to appoint a Pecora type commission to investigate this debacle it would lead no where and based on today's performance not only is it going no where it has been there and back nothing and I mean nothing will be accomplished. Sadly maybe this whole thing is compromised money talks and boy based on today the BS walks all the way to the bank. Thanks for nothing!!
P.S. We are watching you and history is a mean judge. Good Luck you're gonna need it!!

What A Rush

if Limbaugh is human
it would be in his DNA
sent the lab a sample
and here's what they say

this shit ain't human
it didn't come from a man
it's a kind of animal
from a garbage can

it's a form of slime mold
parasitic and mean
it clings to it's host
and it's always obscene

it thrives on bullshit
which it spews every day
a continuous babble
that won't go away

it can be killed
and we suggest you try
make it tell the truth
and then watch it die

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No excellence in his broadcasting

if there is a heaven
that means there is a hell
within this dismal desolate place
Rush Limbaugh's bound to dwell

he's a sickening racist bastard
who never shuts his mouth
a fat and loathsome creature
who's idolized across the South

what is excellence in broadcasting
Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase
it is certainly nothing that he does
he doesn't deserve nor warrant praise

how about his dittohead audience
they are brainless without a clue
what a massive group of morons
if they took over we'd be through

too bad he's not drawn and quartered
or roasted live upon a stake
a pay per view execution
Oh! the money that we could make

Forvever Doomed Haiti

Columbus found the New World
claimed everything he could see
then killed off all the natives
in what would become poor Haiti

filled with fields of horror
sugar cane meant lots of money
from Africa they were transported
the tortured slaves of lush Haiti

born from a slave rebellion
then swaddled in misery
should have been a paradise
this nation that's called Haiti

Dictator after Dictator
corruption and poverty
forever how they suffer
the wretched souls of sad Haiti

a seven point oh earthquake
such destruction a monstrosity
damn how they continually suffer
the impoverished down in Haiti

I do not have the answers
the question is asked perpetually
how do we fix the problems
that plague forever doomed Haiti

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally At Last

The hearings (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission) that I have been waiting for are about to commence in the halls of congress. The big question is will they accomplish anything? I have my doubts but at least something is being done and that is a start. It will be an uphill battle and Phil Angelides has some big shoes to fill if he wants to rival Ferdinand Pecora, but that being said, we ,that is the USA, has to rally around this man in order to figure out the tangled web that is Wall Street and the inscrutable causes for the economic meltdown.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brainwashing of our youth

"Do not force others, including children, by any means whatsoever, to adopt your views, whether by authority, threat, money, propaganda, or even education. However, through compassionate dialogue, help others renounce fanaticism and narrow-mindedness". This statement is a fundamental tenet of Buddhist philosophy and it would appear to be axiomatic. I can not imagine a more poignant statement. Such an indictment against our christian society and the prevailing attitudes that currently consume our country. The overt brainwashing needed to compel the next generation of christian soldiers, is a never ending process akin to the scouring of mountains by the forces of erosion and wind. Without this constant barrage the notions of heaven, hell, sin and salvation would be only so much detritus in the never ending onslaught of a commercialized society,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Uninsured Prayer

I hope my bowels don't distend
and that my arches never fail
my cranium remains intact
and my lungs always inhale

I hope my joints don't get stiff
that my knees will never buckle
my septum never deviates
nor arthritis in my knuckle

I hope my prostate doesn't swell
that my colon stays intact
my testicles stay small and round
my bowel movements don't turn black

I hope my bones they never break
my ears keep hearing sound
my cholesterol stays nice and low
so I keep on sticking around

I hope my kidneys never fail
that my liver does stay strong
without either of these things
you may not live that long

If you're lucky with insurance
these things may not be so sad
but if you're poor and uninsured
well that's just too fucking bad

Scary Shit

If this shit doesn't bother you then nothing will. Frankly one of the scariest things I have read in a while, the actual blueprint for the dumbing down of the American people, perpetrated under the guise of conservative and religious beliefs. Well the American people do deserve a comeuppance and based on this article we are going to get one. The stupidity of the Christian Right, is a never ending source of amusement, but now I can find no humor in this article, or in the actions of this vile group of conspirators. This article shows clearly the necessity, for separation of church and state, these repellent individuals have no right to deny the children of this country from receiving accurate and viable textbooks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

if Obama's like Bush
then we've all been had
the shits getting worse
so who else is mad

international cops
patrolling our borders
snatching and grabbing
by exectutive orders

what will come next
buy stock in barbed wire
we'll need more prisons
we're not making a choir

we must spend billions
on our own damn police
now we need others
keep feeding the beast

I'm usually not worried
and I am seldom scared
but this gets me thinking
are we so unprepared