Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dump the Trump

is the trumpster scary
let's take a poll
thing he most resembles
most say an A-Hole!

but is that really scary
thing monsters are made
the trumpster's a master
we're all being played

wait, did I hear racist
that dog whistle howls
white supremacist groups
"never heard of em", he scowls

this dude is like Teflon
doesn't matter what he says
any group's worth offending
Women, Indians and Gays

thank god he's non violent
attracts a pacifist crowd
whose brown shirts and white sheets
do their daddy's proud!

so, yeah maybe he's scary
let's take a poll
Who's voting for Donald
now who's the asshole!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sum Bitches

Raised and succored by the radiant afterglow of the New Deal and the unprecedented use of Keynesian economics the American people attained a standard of living that was, then, unprecedented in human history. This rapid elevation though amazing was never consolidated, which left exposed our rather large and soft underbelly. Never missing an opportunity the minions of mayhem soon  attacked the weak spots and pledged to end this rampant prosperity. The ensuing battles have taken decades, resulting in a slow but unmistakable slide towards perdition. The Arsenal of Greed is unflinching in its desire to destroy the middle class using any and all means possible. The endless repetition and defilement of our political system has left us inured to viscous, dehumanizing acts. In essence we've all been gang banged!!

fartest longer

fartest longer's a simple man, from a simple place
who only enjoys, one simple thing, he likes to stuff his face

a sunny day it happened, cheap endless Chinese buffet
fartest longer wandered in and stayed the whole long day  

massive, mammoth, monstrous, copious amounts of food
that cause interminable eruptions, which are uncommonly rude

it's not melodious, no not at all, it's more a raucous sound
and it's not the odor nor the stench, it's the length that is profound

the egg rolls, the wantons, the funky egg foo young
twenty, thirty minutes pass, his flatulence just begun

he just keeps on munching, the owner's sad, he let him in
fartest longer's an eating machine, with an indefatigable wind

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

con men

what illness this
this wasting disease
slowly digesting
a snake eating it's tail
swallowing us all
in vapid stupidity
embracing failure
promoting illusion
cloaked in fraud
chicanery personified
Conservative Con Men
those paragons of virtue
pillars of the community
outsourcers of jobs
pillagers of the public trust
scions of moral authority
ignorers of truth and reason
Virtuous Con Men
sanctified by religious authority
embraced by the masses
an ignorant flock of sheep
such diligent voters
blind allegiance devotion
suckers pure and simple

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fartest Prouder

Fartest Prouder smiles as he steps aboard the bus
While deep inside his innards slowly begin to fuss

An unbelievable mixture from many a foreign land
A very bad food pyramid that always works as planned

An indistinct low rumble as the gaseous emulsions coalesce
Their sudden introduction is bound to cause duress

The unsuspecting patrons on the city’s double red blue line
Are about to experience something that will forever scar their mind

Fartest Prouder winces as he bends over double in the middle
Like an ancient octogenarian that’s trying to play the fiddle

A sound of such proportion almost primeval in its scope
Makes all of those that hear it suddenly abandon hope

An amorphous miasma wafts a most sickening smell
Makes a priest in the back think immediately of Hell

And up in the front a girl screams for her mother
As the air is displaced and they all start to smother

The bus driver’s dazed but quickly recovers his senses
But not before crushing three empty wooden park benches

Fartest Prouder grins, a look of pure rapturous joy
and remembers with great fondness, he's mothers favorite boy

Friday, March 4, 2016

There really is a lesser of two evils

it's Bernie Sanders 
not Colonel Sanders
you blathering buffoon
he doesn't cook chickens
he calls them out
plucks their feathers
their lies naked 
to the world
it's beautiful really
a campaign symphony
roiling for change
this symphony 
needs a chorus
if everyone could just
Feel the Bern!!

are you worried
possibly terrified
flutter in your gut
fear in the distance
bearing down
bereft of soul
covered in hair
beseech your heavens
pray to god in vain
decency asunder
normalcy laid to rest
democracy is messy
this is a shit storm
for your consideration
I give You, Donald Trump!