Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pond Scum into Gold

no more oil
no more gas
the middle east
can suck our ass

the day is here
it's just been done
oil from algae
power from the sun

where's the investment
give them the dough
ideas like these
just have to grow

down with corporations
if this comes to fruition
send em straight to hell

imagine the promise
pond scum into gold
such wild invention
no boundary to bold

let's harness this power
will we do what is right
or squander the future
a most darkest night

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tea Baggers

should tea baggers
have any clout
their silly notions
cause me much doubt

their dubious ideas
have me confused
they scream for justice
have we all been abused

and then if we have
do they have the cure
they spout useless rhetoric
their palliatives obscure

to me they are a symptom
a disease most malign
how do we squelch it
and then make it benign

a new grass roots movement
one with common sense
based on our community
not on ignorance

well there it is
in black and white
a new grass roots movement
not owned by the right

Could She Understand

political correctness
strikes again
chalk one up
to the bogus war
righteous indignation
or outright exploitation
forever gaming, conniving
scheming for advantage
yet truly being lower
than that which you champion
yes you are
retarded Sarah
in the truest
sense of the word
its dictionary definition
forever slowing impeding
the progress of mankind
may you someday
attain the semblance
of humanity
that your unfortunate
progeny acquired
on the day of his birth