Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fartest Prouder

Fartest Prouder smiles as he steps aboard the bus
While deep inside his innards slowly begin to fuss

An unbelievable mixture from many a foreign land
A very bad food pyramid that always works as planned

An indistinct low rumble as the gaseous emulsions coalesce
Their sudden introduction is bound to cause duress

The unsuspecting patrons on the city’s double red blue line
Are about to experience something that will forever scar their mind

Fartest Prouder winces as he bends over double in the middle
Like an ancient octogenarian that’s trying to play the fiddle

A sound of such proportion almost primeval in its scope
Makes all of those that hear it suddenly abandon hope

An amorphous miasma wafts a most sickening smell
Makes a priest in the back think immediately of Hell

And up in the front a girl screams for her mother
As the air is displaced and they all start to smother

The bus driver’s dazed but quickly recovers his senses
But not before crushing three empty wooden park benches

Fartest Prouder grins, a look of pure rapturous joy
and remembers with great fondness, he's mothers favorite boy

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