Friday, March 18, 2016

fartest longer

fartest longer's a simple man, from a simple place
who only enjoys, one simple thing, he likes to stuff his face

a sunny day it happened, cheap endless Chinese buffet
fartest longer wandered in and stayed the whole long day  

massive, mammoth, monstrous, copious amounts of food
that cause interminable eruptions, which are uncommonly rude

it's not melodious, no not at all, it's more a raucous sound
and it's not the odor nor the stench, it's the length that is profound

the egg rolls, the wantons, the funky egg foo young
twenty, thirty minutes pass, his flatulence just begun

he just keeps on munching, the owner's sad, he let him in
fartest longer's an eating machine, with an indefatigable wind

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