Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Forvever Doomed Haiti

Columbus found the New World
claimed everything he could see
then killed off all the natives
in what would become poor Haiti

filled with fields of horror
sugar cane meant lots of money
from Africa they were transported
the tortured slaves of lush Haiti

born from a slave rebellion
then swaddled in misery
should have been a paradise
this nation that's called Haiti

Dictator after Dictator
corruption and poverty
forever how they suffer
the wretched souls of sad Haiti

a seven point oh earthquake
such destruction a monstrosity
damn how they continually suffer
the impoverished down in Haiti

I do not have the answers
the question is asked perpetually
how do we fix the problems
that plague forever doomed Haiti


seth said...

I wonder how much money France is sending?

No Nonsense said...

Seth I thought the same thing. Lets see what France has to offer.

Seth said...

The Israelis are certainly stepping up!