Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Horror The Horror

When you see a picture of this magnitude and then you hear or read about the things Rush Limbaugh is saying you realize one thing this world is fucking crazy. And in the back of my mind I keep hearing Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now saying over and over again "The Horror, The Horror".


field negro said...

finefroghair,I just had to stop by to say that your posts are genius. And those rhymes...*shaking head* Amazing!

field negro said...

Oh yeah, and that pic is a serious tear- jerker. :(

Blinders Off said...

MS have my fingers stiff most of the time now, so I am shortening your name to FFH :)

You are a breath of fresh air in the Fields with your rhymes...I LOVE IT.

123 said...


Dumping human bodies like it's trash? With all of those international aide organizations and supplies there, couldn't they have put the bodies in bags and load them into the trucks by hand? I'm, damn, these human beings! They were someone's child--living and breathing just days ago.

Thrasher said...

How about some photos of joy and bliss..What drives this paradigm of viewing Black folks from a prism of something negative and dark? I am so tired of this theme that Black foks issues are always issues of negativity and dispair..

How about exploring the shades of good why must we always connect Black folks with darkness..

How about that..