Monday, January 18, 2010


let us take this day to ponder
and reflect upon what we see
the status of M.L. King's vision
the current state of inequality

we can say without reservation
that strides have certainly been made
but his dream is far from perfected
how long must this game be played

Jim Crow may be dead and buried
but his legacy still lives and is strong
it's notions of division and injustice
just keep right on rolling along

they say with the election of Obama
that we are now a Post-Racial Society
if that ain't a crock of horse shit
just another lie in the Land of the Free

I wonder what King would be thinking
is this the future for which he planned
or by now would he be disillusioned
and want to bury his head in the sand

that is just a rhetorical question
there was no giving up in this man
wherever he witnessed injustice
not away from but towards it he ran

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Beekeepers Apprentice said...

A friend emailed me the link to your post about the uninsured...and I LOVED it!

You have a great blog here - do you mind if I blogroll you?