Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Uninsured Prayer

I hope my bowels don't distend
and that my arches never fail
my cranium remains intact
and my lungs always inhale

I hope my joints don't get stiff
that my knees will never buckle
my septum never deviates
nor arthritis in my knuckle

I hope my prostate doesn't swell
that my colon stays intact
my testicles stay small and round
my bowel movements don't turn black

I hope my bones they never break
my ears keep hearing sound
my cholesterol stays nice and low
so I keep on sticking around

I hope my kidneys never fail
that my liver does stay strong
without either of these things
you may not live that long

If you're lucky with insurance
these things may not be so sad
but if you're poor and uninsured
well that's just too fucking bad


Jody said...

I really enjoy your writing. I have a suggestion.... at the end of the year, take your collection and send it off to a publisher.... You really are talented!

Seth said...

Doug, If you would get off your ass and get a real job then maybe you could get health insurance. Better yet, just sit on your ass a while longer and Dirty Harry and his pal Nancy might throw you some scaps.
Your lifelong buddy and tax payer,

Seth said...

p.s. you are talented and smart. You would probably make a great teacher. I hear their benefits are good...