Thursday, January 14, 2010

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

I sent the following to Angelides bogus Commission and I recommend that everyone else do the same this is the link to write them a nasty gram express your self in anyway possible but we need to be heard.

simple simon met a pieman
shit where did my money go
said the pieman to simple simon
doesn't anybody know?

Come on! I can not understand the incompetence and absolute lack of integrity on behalf of this commission. Do you or don't you have subpoena power? Why not use it to your advantage grill these bastards over and over again. Cross question them get them to lie, which they will have to do, this conspiracy is way too vast to keep hidden. Does this commission have any teeth? I knew you could not nor maybe you shouldn't be Pecora, but based on what I saw today why are you wasting your time and ours? It is a pathetic, shameful, travesty an utter mockery of justice and an outright abdication of your authority. I certainly hope you ramp it up, hey why not pick people at random off the street to question these guys you might even find someone with a set of balls. I knew when Pelosi said she was going to appoint a Pecora type commission to investigate this debacle it would lead no where and based on today's performance not only is it going no where it has been there and back nothing and I mean nothing will be accomplished. Sadly maybe this whole thing is compromised money talks and boy based on today the BS walks all the way to the bank. Thanks for nothing!!
P.S. We are watching you and history is a mean judge. Good Luck you're gonna need it!!

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Seth said...

You expected different? Sheep to the slaughter. Leadership will use class warfare to divert attention from the real problems.