Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh so ripe

I have often wondered
why animals eat their young
but is this any different
than what the democrats have done

they just lost a lion
their greatest liberal figurehead
then they lose his Senate seat
this party is fucking dead

we may want to accuse Obama
certainly he will shoulder blame
what actually did just happen
is it the nature of the game

one thing that is a given
was the reaction on Wall Street
that pack of ravenous jackals
smelled profitable new red meat

this can't bode well for the future
what's the next thing down the pipe
this party's ready to be plundered
it's nice and juicy and oh so ripe


Seth said...

Do you still think there is a real difference betwwen the two parties?
Go "Bull Moose"!! We need a reformer and not a "tranformer".

Jody said...

This poem just about sums it up. Thanks! And thanks for keeping the poems comin on the field's blog... I am quite serious.... collect them for a year and then go for publishing.