Monday, January 25, 2010

With Apologies to Poe

the health care debate is making us weary
It's incessant drone is getting dreary
while the political hacks try and settle the score
the nation nodded it was nearly napping
suddenly there came a crapping
a smell as if a diaper was unwrapping
unwrapping on the chamber floor
tis merely a Republican we muttered
crapping on our chamber floor
only this and nothing more

ah distinctly now we remember
back in that bleakest of December
when each and every single member
took a crap upon the floor
eagerly we thought well tomorrow
vainly how we hid our sorrow
from our hopes we had to borrow
anything to help squelch the sorrow
for that rare and radiant beauty
whom the angels called before
Universal Health Care
Nameless now and forever more
Quoth the Senate Nevermore


Utopian said...

If it was such a "radiant beauty"
why did congress make itself exempt?

w-dervish said...

Unwrapping a diaper? Apologies to Poe, indeed!

FYI the public option might be back in (again). This time by budget reconciliation. The proposal I've heard is that the House pass the Senate bill as is, but then immediately also make changes to it (and include a public option in the changes bill).

Because the changes would be to an existing bill (even though it hasn't been signed into law by the President yet), only 51 votes would be required!

Read the Huffington Post story here:

House Progressives Push Reid To Put Public Option Back On Table 1/27/2010

BTW, thank you for visiting my blog. Your comment is appreciated.