Saturday, November 12, 2016

To all my racist republican friends, yes all republicans, you are now and will be forever racists, get used to your new mantle, you wear it well. As you hide behind god and country, praying for better days, you're going to get them soon! You now own the entire apparatus of the State, you are driving the car, may you shred your precious constitution, you know, that document you've never read, may you trash the economy, you know, like Bush, may we get the wars your pacifist Jesus so adored.

Yes this country will finally see republicans in all their resplendent glory, it will be a hideous disfigured elephant man with lipstick, I can't wait! But, what I will find most amusing, nay what will be hilarious, is when things fail, the car hits an abutment and you will all blame it on Obama!  You never accept failure the whole republican party is as narcisstic as the President elect. So my racist republican friends, how y'all feeling, truly pumped up, ready to turn this secular republic into a theocratic dystopia, you know like Iran, when you criminalize abortion and deny women their basic rights. Ha, and physicists say time travel is not possible, we just went back 50 years!

So to all my misogynistic republican friends, how you gonna play the ball, bank shot against abortion, half court flinger at buzzer time for the Supreme Court, you know, the one that gave us Citizens United, or a sneaky back door steal for all the marbles! I am betting you got the skill set and just the right amount of twisted acumen to get all three! I pity the women in this country and as an atheist I encourage y'all to pray for your daughters they are gonna need it.

This is truly a line in the sand and I am drawing it, evil is afoot, and all like minded people must see our precarious situation. Will we man the barricades filling the breeches for hard won liberties or will we let the forces of evil plunge the US and maybe the World over the abyss. I am waiting my misogynistic/racist republican friends the whole World awaits!

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