Monday, November 14, 2016

quiet reflections of a turbulent mind

Who are these Christians anyway
why does their snake oil, taste so foul
pray the gay away, pray yourself away
but respect your pedophile priests
cognitive dissonance is your friend
arbiters of love, hope, and charity
Thanks, for the Dark Ages
the everlasting Crusades
and the Spanish Inquisition
bacteria is more important than religion
well some anyway, religion is more a virus
a very virulent form, worldwide dispersion
Ha, these nitwits still send out missionaries
the world is flat, the earlier missionaries fell off
sounds plausible, since we never landed on the moon
thankfully, I was inoculated, Thanks Mom and Dad
some science says, we may be born religious
unfortunately the religious, don't believe in science
not religious, really, but prone to  authoritarianism
they like to follow the leader, so do the Priests
such a pleasant game, on a fine spring day
but bucolic notions of harmony are totally false
this was rape, molestation, and outright sodomy
such beautiful words in conjunction with religion
yet they never reconcile the two, sound familiar
religion denies climate change, like it's pedophile priests
it's willful ignorance and I will play no part
I will separate the Church from State!
I will not soil the Constitution!
I am a Patriot!