Tuesday, November 15, 2016

extinction level event

This is an extinction level event
the late night talk shows, think it's a game
maybe it is a game,  a game of chicken
who wins a game of chicken
this country just lost  the largest
game of liars poker ever
in two years it's a new game
how about five card stud
but they hold all the cards
there are always random factors
and the occasional joker
I am fifty plus years old
probably outside the range
of feeling the pernicious
effects of global warming
but you twenty year olds
you're going to feel the burn
and that's not Bernie Sanders
the election is a week old
it's primary lesson
was willful ignorance
the same mechanism
behind climate change
you kids, have to save the world
the old fucks don't care about grandchildren
they want lower taxes, no abortions, and guns
neither candidate had one commercial
about the climate at all
look to the sky and ask
are they bullshitting me
well they are
life is a game of bullshit
everything now is a lie
the truth has no validity
Donald Trump told so many lies
Pinocchio's nose fell off
I want you kids to use those damn phones
for something other than
words with friends
ninety eight percent of scientists
agree that sea oh two is gonna
fuck up the world
half the voters think it's a hoax
I say education has failed
I say we have all failed
look we just elected
an unhinged proto-fascist
and if European history
is not your thing
you should consider perusing
German history from the
Treaty of Versailles
to the invasion of Poland
it gets pretty dreary after that
are we gonna slide into tyranny
who can say (Reichstag Fire)
but for me, we're too damn close
you kids have to steer the ship away
there are rocky shoals ahead
and my eyesight is not as good as yours
one of my favorite professors
used to wear a pin that said
I read banned books
was it in jest, or to prove
that he was an eclectic reader
or was he on to something
could he foresee a future where
books would be banned
Damn right he did
and he learned it
from banned books
and who are the types
of people who would ban books
once again I refer you to
European History Germany
early to mid twentieth century
following the debacle of Clinton's loss
a young staffer told Donna Brazille
to fuck off, you are gonna die of old age
while I am gonna die from climate change
now that's a commercial Clinton
should have run
so what you kids gonna do
saddle up, lock and load
and kick some ass
or bury your head in the sand
are we mammals or what

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