Monday, December 28, 2009

Forrest Gump

stupid is as stupid does
said the wise man Forrest Gump
if this is axiomatic
no wonder we're such a dump

spinning round in circles
a mad dog chasing his tail
if the USA was a person
it would be locked away in jail

criminal deplorable behavior
is the flavor of the day
gonna catch the terrorists
there will be hell to pay

can't you see them shaking
Al Qaida is on the run
is our strategy working
or has it yet begun

nine years of fighting terror
from sunrise to setting sun
aren't the results just awesome
this country's number one

if one was a negative number
we just might attain that score
but the terrorists aren't counting
where's the sanity I implore

a war that will never end
who'd think we see that day
it's all so damn depressing
makes an atheist want to pray

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