Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What is in a name

does a name reflect the owner
will you become the name
with donald  trump
it might as well be the same

Orange Foolious
Orange shitgibbon
Tangerine Mussolini
Hair Furor
Grabbalotapus Rex
Dick a la Orange
Cantaloupe Caligula
D.T. Barnum
Der Failure
Prima Donald
Orange Baboon
Orange Ferrethead
Don L Ad Hoc Trump
great orange shitbag
Orange NIMBY
Orange Wonder Bread
Douche Bag Donnie
Cheeto Mussolini
Tweetie Turd
Orange Excrescence
Trump Vader
tricky Trump
orange Ponzi
tangerine turd
Pumpkin Spice
The short fingered orange despot
Cheeto Benito
Tangerine Shitgibbon
Fuckface Von Clownstick
Putin’s Bitch
Don the Con
Dickface Destroyer of Democracy
America’s Wealthiest Hemorrhoid (John Oliver)
Il Douche
Id Vicious
Cheeto Jesus
Voldemoron (John Cole)
Orange Julius Caesar (Lewis Black)
Angry Circus Peanut
T.A. (That Asshole in the White House)
The Nazi Cheeto (or Cheeto Nazi)
The Vulgar Talking Yam (Charlie Pierce)
El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago (Charlie Pierce)
He, Trump
Accident-Elect Smallgloves (or Littlefingers)
The Drumpf
Trumpty Dumpty
Tangelo Tyrant
Tangerine Nightmare
Ambulatory pilonoidal cyst
Tangerini Mussolini
The Pussygrabbing Potentate
Semi-Sentient traffic cone
Rabid tumbleweed
Daddy Marmalade
Mango Unchained
bewigged hantavirus
Orange Fascist Clown
Orange Buffoon
Texter Tubbie
Donald Dump
marmalade nightmare
Kim Jong-Orange
Donnie Draft Dodger
Orange Turd Blossom
donald  chump
Orange Racist Pussy Grabber
Cheeto Von Pee on Me
His Fraudulency
Lost Crayola Color President
Orange Abomination
Veracity crapper
Don Sequiter
Orange Golem
Ghengis Con
Orange Smaug
Jabba the Trump
Orange is the new stupid
Liar in Thief
Lying Donnybrook
mango menace
cotton haired joe
Mr short fuse
Forrest trump
Captain Cheeto
Captain Combover
insane cheeto
The Drumpf
tweeter in chief
Lord Cheeto
Tangerine Twittertubby
Great Orange Booby
Big Orange Fuzz
Emperor Commodus
Donny Baby
The Orange Con
Emperor baby fisits
humpty trumpty
so called ruler of the United States
pumpkin headed doom goblin
Donnie Dickless
Diaper Donnie
Ol' Pissy
Little Lord Feltersnatch
Benedict Donald
Tangerine Enema
Hair Twitler
Dingus Khan
Oaf of Office
Dingleberry Donnie
Commander in Creep
Garbage in Chief
Orange Malignancy
Twitter Tard
the trump cteature
Donnie Swamp
Dollar Trump
Bloated Orange talking anus
Putrid Pumpkin
Orange Ego
Tweety McTiny Hands
Orange Oaf

P - Pu$$y grabbing

O - Obnoxious

T - Thin Skinned

U - Unqualified

S - Sociopath

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