Friday, May 27, 2011

Michigan my friend

the dumber you are
the easier you fall
Michigan my friend
is the dumbest of all

in these hard times
who do we elect
a vulturous cadre
of reptilian descent

a nefarious governor
as evil as they come
a Republican perfecta
of verminous scum

the state lays broken
it's beaten, supine
ripe for the picking
as they queue up in line

they're drooling, salivating
as they eye the feast
this ravenous, rapacious
Republican beast!

first it's Benton Harbor
what's next in this state
so many to choose from
as they load their plate

the forlorn, the hapless
the helpless and the lost
a boatload to steal from
as they placate their boss

those plutocratic denizens
who live beyond our reach
always espousing virtue
never practice what they preach

it's now time for austerity
cutbacks across the board
except for record profits
all else must be ignored

the facts are overwhelming
even off kilter, slightly skewed
the preponderance of evidence
says Michigan is screwed

1 comment:

Jolly Roger said...

We elevated Czar Kashitch I to the office of Governor, and even Snyder would be hard-pressed to do any worse.