Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saint Ronnie

is there beauty in ignorance
and is it benign
this notion of bliss
just ensures one is blind

and thus easy prey
open wide for abuse
the jackals are ravenous
their needs are profuse

as the rich get richer
the more we must bleed
it's an easy equation
the mathematics of greed

brought to us by Ronnie
the saintly Trojan horse
a conservative icon
who plotted this course

now we're left ravaged
depleted, supine
the right wing agenda
it's all by design

and as we all falter
teetering on the brink
we're taking on water
this nation might sink

do we remedy problems
with solutions well sought
no we reelect culprits
who've been soundly bought

The Supreme Court
The White House
Congress's hallowed halls
all of these compromised
they've got us by the balls!

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