Saturday, January 29, 2011

red, right, and blew

rush limbaugh is scum
even he knows it's true
including his dittoheads
red, right, and blew

the right is not right
in fact they are wrong
in their twisted vision
only they sing the song

yet, the tune that they carry
is shrill and obtuse
filled with delusions
of hardship and abuse

in their dementia
they may sound sane
but it's up to the left
to be more profane

in this battle of wits
who's keeping score
the body counts rising
as blood stains the floor

rush limbaugh fuck you
and those of your kind
your insane motivations
leave this country blind


Anonymous said...


since nobody posts on your blog, I'll tell you why:


Sue said...

get out and mingle FFH, you'll get comments by joining the conversation about the moron wingnuts, like anonymous above! You have a great blog!