Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh, the things left unsaid
the 800 pound gorillas
ignored never mentioned
the discarded detritus of
a failed and ruinous
foreign policy, masquerading
as truth, the usurpation
of our government in an almost
bloodless coup
a betrayal of historic
proportions as the radicalized
Supreme Court treats nation
to prison rape scene
Oh, the humanity!
Two Wars, really are these
even wars, failed ignorance,
Hubris exposed, worthless
military playing games
in the desert makes me
ashamed of prior service.
failure is an option
and our military has
as a matter of record
accepted failure as it's
"Mission Statement"
Just something about war
and these United States
we no longer win, we
do not even fucking tie!
We just keep bleeding,
and bleating, like the
sheep we're meant to be!
Yes, those 800 pound gorillas
are hard to see and
exceptionally hard to measure
like the thirty year war
on drugs WTF! Thirty years
and victory is just around
the corner and up around
the bend over and take it
like a used up crack whore.
We have never liked a war
more than a war that never
ends!! Welcome my son,
Welcome to the Machine!
War Inc...
the prequel, the sequel and
all points in between
War Pigs do gather in their
masses just to prove
that their dumb asses
if we're a superpower
then the word has no meaning
our military has neither
gained nor achieved
a greater strategic
edge in any theater on
any point of the globe
in decades our position is
faltering as we squander
resources in unwarranted
invasions and occupations based
on lies, fear, ignorance, and
best of all Machismo
that glory seeking prep
school fuck, nut job, sure
did his daddy proud
those big ass gorillas sure
do leave huge piles of shit
everywhere you might not
see the gorilla but you
can sure smell the shit

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No Nonsense said...

OMG You're writing again.... Good. As always wicked lyrics.